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The wavy combined furnace tank is the first return and the second return is made up of threaded pipe. The back tube plate of the boiler is not directly washed by the At the same time, the structure greatly reduces the loss of heat dissipation at the back of the boiler. In order to improve the thermal efficiency, energy-saving devices and condensers are arranged at The outlet of the front smoke box of this type boiler, and the energy-saving effect is remarkable.

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WNS series coal fired furnace Introduction

The coal fired furnace has the functions of high and low water level alarm, low water level interlocking protection and overpressure interlocking protection. In order to effectively monitor and control the water level and pressure, the coal fired furnace is equipped with a water level gauge, an electrode water level control alarm, a pressure gauge and a pressure controller to make the boiler high. Low water level alarm / low water level interlock protection and steam pressure overpressure interlock protection, coal fired furnace automatic ignition, burner fire automatic regulation and extinguishing protection, to ensure the safe operation of the automatic water boiler.

Mode of combustion: fuel is ejected from the burner, ignited by a high-pressure electron ignition, and burned under a slightly barotropic pressure in the furnace. The high-temperature flue gas after burning embers turns 180 °from the rear smoke chamber to the second return, Turn 180 °from the front smoke box into the energy saver and condenser from the chimney into the atmosphere.

The front cigarette box adopts the integral double-door setting, the double-layer seal of the smokebox door, this form integrity is good, beautiful, generous, the opening is also very light when overhaul.

The chimney height shall be 8 meters, and the user shall determine the actual height according to the requirements of the environmental impact statement approved by the local environmental protection department, but not less than 8 meters.

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