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DHL series water tube boiler horizontal steam boiler Introduction

DHL series bulk water tube is horizontal single drum water tube boiler, natural circulating water tube boiler, adopt flake type chain grate for preventing the leakage of coal, with stepless speed regulation of transmission device, around the boiler body was welded with membrane water wall tubes, the boiler design has air preheater with cast iron inside thread and outside fin to improve the thermal efficiency. Membrane wall adopt special composite silicate board as the cover and insulation layer, with insulation waterproof coating, control the boiler outer wall temperature below 50 C, for further increasing the thermal efficiency.

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1. Reasonable design “A-type" before and after arches, it can improve the ignition and combustion of coal. Reach the requirement of burning various coal. Combustion system is flake type chain grate, no leakage of coal. Rational design of heating surface, install economizer and air preheater at the back of boiler, in order to reduce the exhaust temperature and increase the air inlet temperature, efficient use of heat energy. Boiler water capacity is bigger, adapt bigger range of load change. Easy ignition, high temperature in boiler furnace, superior insulation performance, better burning of coal, coal ash carbon content below 10%, high thermal efficiency, with overload capacity, normally overload 10% in lower-elevation area. Adopt light boiler wall, no steel frame structure. The total weight is low, only half weight of the same model of bulk boiler, reduce the investment for boiler house. Corner tube boiler adopts modular design concept, water pipelines are big parts, assemble them on site, shorten the installation period. The boiler capacity and heating efficiency do not change with time being. It will bring big economic benefit.

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