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DHL series water boiler Introduction

After much quantity market research, our company engineer design and revised QXL(DHL) series big corner tube forced circulation water boiler. This design has included new Membrane-wall structure, optimal combination of arch and forced circulation system and other new technologies. Not only enhance combustion efficiency and fuel flexibility, but also desulfurization in boiler. That can reduce sulfur emission and protect environment.

Product features:

1. High thermal efficiency: all boiler body sides surrounded was welded by emebrance water cooling wall. The tube model air preheater can enhance its thermal efficiency. Chain grate ventilation cross section ratio about 6%, with different part for different ventilation, to reduce carbon content inside the ash. Big furnace design can make hot air flue stay for long time inside the furnace. The fly ash and combustible gas can be burnt sufficiently to increase the thermal efficiency.
2. Big fuel flexibility: special front and back arch design can improve the coal ignation .burning condition to achieve the widely fuel selection.
3. Safety water circulation: special flag type heating surface design, and V stability structure, make boiler drum without direct heating, and make water circulation more safely.
4. Less pollutants and more energy saving: boiler flue have inertial separator to make sure few abrasion and stoppage in economizer and air preheater. The emission is much lower.
5.No steel structure , good shock resistance: boiler weight have burdened by membrane-wall .down tubes. Rigid beam fixed and brace. Membrane wall welded together, can against M8 earthquakes.
6. New boiler wall insulation structure: membrane wall covered by special compound silicate board and make waterproof treatment, then fully covered by color steel plate. The boiler uses full pipe-laying structure with good insulation, lightweight and beautiful appearance characteristics.

7. Low installation, operation and maintenance cost: boiler utilize modular type design philosophy with assembled water pipe system, which can save much of the installation time., and no fire bricks wall design can save much refractory materials cost each year.

Boiler type QXL14-1. QXL21-1. QXL29-1. QXL46-1. I OXL58-1. QXL70-1.
6/130/70- 6/130/70- 6/130/70- 6/130/70- 6/130/70- 6/150/90-
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