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Label:Hot water
Product thermal capacity: 0.1-2.8 t/h
Working pressure: atmospheric pressure
Available fuel: Nature gas, coke oven gas, biogas, methanol, Slight oil, Heavy oil
Available industries: Heat supplying, chemical, food, textile, printing and dyeing, cigarettes and tobacco, fodder, pharmacy, building materials, brewery, rubber, hospital etc.

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CWNS series coal burning boiler Introduction

Atmospheric pressure coal burning boiler, also called non-pressure hot water boiler, belongs to civil life boiler.

The atmospheric pressure coal burning boiler is a kind of non-pressure hot water boiler with an air opening at the top, and the boiler body is always in the normal pressure running state. Its main characteristic is that the boiler is not pressurized and has no hidden danger of safety, so it is mainly used for heating and producing hot water. It is one of the most common boiler varieties.

The design, production, installation and use of the boiler are not subject to the supervision of the technical supervision department.

Hot water boiler mainly has heating and bath two kinds of uses.

The hot water boiler circulates the hot water of the water tank through the hot water circulation pump and heats the hot water of the water tank round and over again, which can realize the purpose of bathing. The hot water boiler circulates the hot water through the hot water circulation pump heating pipe, through the radiator (radiator) may meet the human heating request. The hot water boiler and the hot water circulation pump cooperate the heat exchanger to realize the dual function of bath and heating.

Technical advantages

1. Horizontal type wet backfire pipe structure, the furnace body is heated evenly; adopt threaded smoke pipe, corrugated inner tank, good flexibility, strong ability to resist external pressure; and turbulence is strong, Good disturbance, large heat transfer coefficient, fast heating and high thermal efficiency.
2. the insulation layer adopts the high thermal resistance material, the insulation effect is good.
3. using color plate or stainless steel outer packaging, beautiful and generous appearance, no rust.
4. front, rear panel is hinged open structure, maintenance, repair is convenient.
5. the choice world famous brand burner, the quality is excellent, the technology is advanced, the combustion is sufficient, the operation is reliable. With: furnace blowing, automatic ignition, ignition detection, gas high-pressure protection, gas low-pressure protection, leak detection and other functions to ensure safe operation.
6. choose computer intelligent controller, voice man-machine interface, Chinese display, touch button, easy to operate, easy to manage, reliable operation, perfect safety protection function. With: low water level, high water level, overtemperature, fault self-detection and flameout of combustor, alarm interlock protection function;The utility model has the following functions: large combustor, automatic control of small fire and recording of combustion working time, free setting of temperature control, free setting of working time in 4 hours per day, clock, calendar, automatic indication of fault point and automatic water supply function. Has hot water temperature, smoke temperature display, alarm and previous fault recording and other functions.

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