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35T/H-130T/H SHL series steam boilers Introduction

This boiler is horizontal boiler with two steam drums, natural circulating water tube boiler. The SHL 35t/h boiler has two series, saturated steam boilers, and superheated steam boilers. The saturated steam boilers could supply steam to the industrial enterprises and living area.

Its designed fuel application is coal II bituminous. 7.9 meter length chain grate is special designed for this boiler Its front arch and back arch are covered with refractory materials in order to reduce arch surface caloric receptivity and form the high temperature zone, which could help the coal of relatively bad quality fire up and get forced combustion. Air comes from both sides of the stoker in order to guarantee the coal layer could receive even ventilation. The upper steam drum has air-water separator .overflow groove, and continuous blow down to guarantee the good steam quality.
The super heater is vertical. The economizer is the type of steel pipe ,and there is one recirculation system to protect the economizer. Two sets of preheaters are assembled under the back flue duct. Air flow way is from downward to the upward.
The boiler wall is heavy-duty wall,the front wall and the head have installed the protection board.
This kind of boiler could supply good burning condition, which could make the coal easily fired. Together with the good dust collector, the emission of the boiler can totally meet the environment protection. Moreover, it is easy to operate, of reach overloading space, and of low labor intensity.

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