Wide use of induction steam boilers

Based on the improvement of air quality, the state has introduced a “coal to electricity” policy, requiring enterprises to carry out energy-saving renovation of coal-fired boilers, many of which have chosen electromagnetic induction steam boilers. The following happiness boiler explains how the electromagnetic induction steam boiler works.
An electromagnetic induction steam boiler is essentially an energy converter that converts electrical energy into heat to provide the required heat; The technology used in this type of boiler is electromagnetic induction heating technology. The electromagnetic induction heating technology generates an alternating magnetic field through a component of the electronic circuit board, and when placed on the iron-containing container, the surface of the container cuts the alternating magnetic field line and generates an alternating current in the metal portion at the bottom of the container. The iron atoms at the bottom of the container are moved at a high speed and irregularly, and the atoms collide with each other and rub to generate heat energy, thereby heating the articles.
The electromagnetic induction steam boiler is an iron container, which generates heat itself, so the thermal conversion rate is particularly high, and it can reach 95% or more. The working principle is that when part of the water enters the inside of the container, it will be heated into steam to ensure a fixed water supply mode, and there will be continuous steam utilization.
Electromagnetic induction boilers should pay attention to the following items during use: First to prevent negative pressure in the boiler,after draining, please do not close the drain valve before the next boiler operation. Second, to ensure the normal operation and safety of the steam generator. When the boiler is running, the pressure, water level and heating condition of the boiler should be observed regularly. When the steam generator fails, it should be stopped immediately and checked before the fault can be restarted. Third when the induction steam boiler is stopped for a long time, the power should be cut off, and the water in the boiler and pipeline should be drained to prevent freezing and rusting. Fourth, when not using the machine normally, cut off the power supply, open the control box, check all the fasteners of the electrical device terminals, and tighten the loose parts to prevent the contact between the sparked wires and the electrical components. Fifth, strictly waterproof or steam and flammable and explosive gases enter the electric control box. The electric control box door must be closed when the boiler is running. Do not put any liquid or water into the electronic control parts of the system.