Selection of boilers in food processing plants

The food processing industry has always had a great demand for boilers, such as biscuit factories, bread factories, agricultural products processing plants, meat processing plants, and dairy products. At the same time, the food industry is also an important basic industry that supports the national economy in the fields of agriculture, industry, and circulation. However, the problem of waste gas and waste water discharge during food processing has always been a headache. With the stricter monitoring, the control is only a temporary solution, and replacing the cleaner gas boiler is the fundamental means to solve the problem.
First of all, in the production process, the steam temperature generated by the boiler is constant, the pressure is constant, and the quality of the steam is quite strict. Therefore, the cleaner gas boiler is environmentally friendly. The food factory steam boiler is mainly used in the process of distillation, extraction, disinfection, drying and maturation in the food processing process, and the high temperature steam is used for high temperature cooking, drying and disinfection of the food. Some food factories will deploy self-supplied power station boilers for internal power generation, or use hot water boilers for central heating of their plants, office buildings, dormitory buildings, etc., so it is important to choose the right gas boiler!
Take a food processing company that mainly produces puffed snacks as an example. Steam is used in production processes such as steaming, molding, and multiple drying, and in various heat exchangers. When selecting a gas boiler, in addition to the steam pressure, steam quality, and steam amount of the reference gas boiler, it is specifically determined according to the production process. In the food processing process, it is necessary to understand the quality of the steam provided by the gas boiler, and the daily gas consumption and maintenance cost of the gas boiler must be taken into consideration. When purchasing a gas boiler, you must choose a better quality, and avoid being cheap.