Safe operation and energy saving of hospital steam boiler

Steam boiler refers to the industrial boiler that heats water to a certain parameter and produces high-temperature steam. Water is heated in the pot barrel and turns into steam, fire gives off heat in the furnace. As a heat energy carrier, steam is widely used in disinfection, preparation production, laundry, heating, air conditioning purification, bathing and other fields in hospitals. Steam quality is related to medical safety directly. Boiler failure not only affects the normal operation of the hospital, but also poses a major threat to the safety of staff and patients. In the process of using the medical steam boiler to ensure the safe operation and reduce the operation cost are the questions that everybody cares most. Today the hospital gas steam boiler as an example to introduce the hospital steam boiler how to achieve safe operation and energy saving. 
In the safe operation of the boiler management should pay attention to the following:
1.As a special equipment, the steam boiler must obtain the environmental assessment report of the local environmental protection bureau before installation, and it can be constructed after the public standard. Boiler layout should comply with "boiler room design code",  reasonable and beautiful. After the installation of the equipment pipelines, the equipment shall be checked and accepted by the local bureau of quality and technical supervision in accordance with “the safety and technical supervision regulations for steam boilers”, and the boiler use registration certificate shall be issued before operation and use.
2.It is forbidden to use one chimney for two or more boilers, and it is not recommended to use chimneys with curvature greater than 45 degrees.
3.Detailed safety operation rules and corresponding management system should be established before gas boiler operation. The fireman should be on duty with a certificate and be trained according to the boiler operation instruction.
4.According to the size of the gas boiler room, carbon monoxide detector and gas detector 

To achieve the medical steam boiler energy -saving operation, the following aspects are important:
1.According to the total amount of steam and the different needs of the steam using departments for the steam and the steam using time, the reasonable selection of the boiler, the steam peak and valley difference will be adjusted reasonably, so that the boiler continuous to reach full load operation, improve the boiler operating efficiency.
2.The maximum limit reduces the heat loss, achieve the full absorption, therefore must guarantee each heating surface's clean, remove scale and ash in time to make the boiler run under high efficiency.
3.Reduce the exhaust humidity of gas boiler and effectively utilize the waste heat generated in the exhaust.
4.Adjust the air ratio reasonably. Excessive air coefficient is too large, will cause smoke gas volume increase, take away more heat, so in the premise of ensuring the boiler combustion efficiency, as far as possible to reduce the excess air coefficient. To match the structure and characteristics of the boiler, the burner can be properly configured and strictly adjusted, so as to ensure that the flame is filled in the furnace and fuel is fully burned. Choose the burner with proportional adjustment function. It can automatically adjust the gas supply and air ratio with the change of heating load, So that the boiler in the load change range, always maintain a high combustion efficiency and at the same time ensure a reasonable excess air, reduce the heat loss of smoke exhaust, improve the boiler thermal efficiency.
The hospital steam boiler use the clean energy, has the vital significance to the protection atmospheric environment, the reduction pollutant discharge and the protection people's health. The application of energy-saving control technology to the gas-fired boiler system can not only ensure the safe operation of the boiler, but also help reduce the internal consumption of the system, thus ensuring the economy and operation of the gas-fired boiler.