Paper mill special boiler circulating fluidized bed boilers

The traditional paper industry is one of the major industries that emit pollution and is also a major energy consumer. The main energy consumed by the paper industry is steam. At present, most paper companies use steam generated by coal-fired boilers as energy. With the introduction of energy conservation and emission reduction policies, the boiler reform of paper mills has also been put on the agenda, and the application of circulating fluidized bed boilers has gradually matured.
Circulating fluidized bed boilers are new power boilers for pulp and paper mills. Because the pulp and paper mill produces a lot of waste such as bark, waste wood and black liquor in the production process. The use of fluidized bed boiler combustion to treat these wastes can handle both coal-fired waste and large quantities of steam for production. It can not only save manpower and space for burying waste, but also improve the economic efficiency of the factory.
In the future, industrial boilers will tend to adopt clean fuels and adopt clean combustion technologies. In the future, the proportion of small-capacity coal-fired boilers in large and medium-sized cities will continue to decline. Boilers using clean combustion technologies such as circulating fluidized beds will continue to develop rapidly. Gas-fired boilers will have more progress, and boilers burning domestic waste and biomass will be used and the potential will also be enormous.