Masonry and masonry of horizontal steam boiler

Horizontal steam boiler are pressure-bearing equipment with explosion hazard. Therefore, its design, manufacture, installation quality and operation management level are closely related to people's life and property safety. The horizontal steam boiler installation unit must hold the boiler installation license that matches the level of the installed boiler. In the installation process of the boiler, it must be carried out in strict accordance with the procedures, and the construction record of the boiler installation should be completed.
First, the masonry structure of horizontal steam boiler
The masonry of an industrial boiler is a closed combustion chamber for fuel combustion, and the flame and the heated surface of the boiler are isolated from the outside. Therefore, the masonry structure is required to have heat resistance, heat insulation and sealing properties.
1 furnace wall structure
The furnace wall is composed of two layers inside and outside. The refractory lining wall is made of standard refractory bricks, and the insulated external wall is made of red brick. In order to improve the thermal insulation performance, a heat insulation layer of about 20 mm is left between the refractory brick and the red brick, and the high-quality heat insulation material is filled, or 16 mm diatomite heat-insulating refractory brick is built in the middle. The corners of the four walls of the red brick wall require mutual biting to make the four walls form a whole. The outer wall is hung with a light steel frame on the outside, and some outer walls are not covered with steel frames, which are similar to ordinary brick walls.
The thickness of the furnace wall is 360~730mm, the inner layer is 116~232mm refractory brick, and the outer layer is 240480mm red brick. In the low temperature zone of the flue of the boiler tail, when the flue gas temperature is lower than 500 °C, the furnace walls are all made of red brick.
2 roof structure
The top structure of an horizontal steam boiler is often a vaulted top and a suspended top. The arched roof is composed of arched arch beams, arched bricks, wedge bricks and insulation. The hanging top is composed of steel hanging beams, hanging devices, hanging bricks and insulation layers.
The masonry work of the furnace body shall be carried out in accordance with the technical documents such as the masonry drawings, masonry instructions and masonry materials preparation instructions provided by the boiler manufacturer.