Maintenance of gas fired water boiler

In the field of industrial production, the supply of hot water is generally supplied by a gas hot water boiler. This kind of boiler is generally used for heating in winter and the need for winter bathing. When the winter heating period passes, the hot water boiler is in idle period. However, in order to ensure the normal operation of the boiler in the coming year, even in the idle period, the gas fired water boiler needs maintenance.
Here are a few ways to keep the boiler dry:
1.Drain all the water in the boiler during the idle period and place it in a ventilated place.
2.The hot water boiler body is repaired and cracked, and the special staff is required to repair it. If necessary, the surface of the furnace is coated with lubrication or anti-corrosion paint.
3.Different methods are used depending on the length of the outage:When the outage time is less than 3 days, increase the ammonia and hydrazine dosage before stopping the boiler, and raise the pH of the feed water to above 10, then discharge the water in a hot boiler under a certain pressure, and drain the vacuum to keep the system dry; When the deactivation time is more than 3 days, the protective effect of the film-forming amine is better, such as pure octadecylamine protection, that is, the pure octadecylamine protection liquid is added to the water vapor system before stopping the boiler.
4.Dry desiccant is used for dry maintenance. The desiccant method is to discharge all the water in the boiler when the temperature of the boiler water drops to 100-120℃after the gas-fired hot water boiler is deactivated, and use the residual heat in the furnace to dry the metal surface and remove the deposit. Scale and slag in the boiler water system. Then put a desiccant in the boiler to keep the metal surface dry and prevent corrosion.