Industrial Gas Boiler Revolution

With the frequent occurrence of environmental pollution problems, local governments have introduced environmental governance strategies. Traditional heating has become a target of public criticism. In the industrial sector, coal combustion is likely to bring certain environmental pollution. In recent years, relatively clean gas boilers have developed better than coal-fired boilers.
Gas boilers include gas boiling water boilers, gas hot water boilers, gas steam boilers, and so on. Among them, gas hot water boilers are also called gas heating boilers and gas bath boilers. Gas boilers are more economical than other boilers and have a relatively small impact on the environment. Therefore, most people have chosen gas boilers as boiler equipment for steam, heating and bathing.
Driven by policies such as energy conservation and environmental protection and “coal to gas”, the average annual growth rate of the industrial gas boiler market is about 10% in the past two years. However, opportunities and challenges are at the same time. While the development is clear, the gas boiler market is not popularized in various places. The development and operation costs of gas boilers are higher than those of coal-fired boilers.
The development of industrial gas boiler product market will be increasingly restricted by energy policy and energy conservation and environmental protection requirements. Therefore, efficient, energy-saving, low-pollution industrial gas boilers using clean fuels and clean combustion technologies will be the trend of product development. 
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