How much do you know about the advantages of gas boilers?

1. Advantages of gas boiler
1.1 Because the ash, sulfur and nitrogen content of fuel gas is lower than that of coal, it is fully burned and the amount of dust in the flue gas is very small. The emission easily reaches the national standard for gas equipment, which can greatly reduce environmental pollution and environmental protection. Good performance.
1.2 Due to the low flue gas pollution, the convection tube bundles withstand less corrosion, the gas boiler has good heat transfer effect, strong heat radiation ability, low exhaust gas temperature, and significantly improved thermal efficiency.
1.3 The gas boiler does not require auxiliary equipment such as coal gas, slag remover, dust remover, grate, etc., saving boiler equipment investment.
1.4. The gas boiler uses pipeline gas as the power, does not require gas storage, and has good sanitary conditions, which can greatly reduce labor intensity, improve labor conditions, reduce operating costs, and save operating costs, space and labor.
1.5. In terms of boiler operation, regulation and reduction of heating costs.
1.5.1. The gas boiler has strong adaptability to the heating load, and the fire can be adjusted flexibly according to the load (water temperature).
1.5.2 The system starts quickly, reducing various consumption caused by preparatory work.
1.5.3. As the auxiliary equipment is small, the power consumption is lower than that of coal-fired boilers.
1.5.4. There are fewer magazines in the gas, the boiler will not corrode the high and low temperature heating surface, the boiler will run for a long time and there are few failures.
1.5.5 Gas metering is simple and accurate, which facilitates the adjustment of gas supply.
1.6 In terms of reducing equipment maintenance, the combustion coefficient of gas boilers is simple, so there are fewer equipment to be repaired and maintenance, and the heating pipes have a long service life. 1.7 The gas boiler is simple to operate and easy to realize automatic control.