High efficiency oil fired boilers usher in a new era

Energy economy is the advent of the era has caused a potential crisis to the manufacturing industry, oil-fired boiler as one of the high-energy consumption equipment for production enterprises to provide power and heat. In the situation of increasingly tight energy supply and relatively high unit production cost, it is very important to use high efficiency oil fired boilers and reduce the unit energy consumption of equipment.
In order to achieve safe and efficient operation of oil-fired boilers, the following aspects can be taken into consideration:
1.The installation of equipment
"Code for fire prevention of residential building design" and "code for boiler room design" and other relevant provisions boiler room must have enough space, to facilitate the operation and maintenance of all parts of the boiler, the boiler should be placed on the flat ground, there are no flammable substances around.
2.Boiler commissioning
After boiler and auxiliary system are installed and fuel is ready, commissioning can be carried out to ensure safe and operation of high efficiency oil fired boilers. Before commissioning, it is necessary to check whether the safety protection measures of the fuel storage and transportation system are reasonable. If they are not reasonable, they should be rectified immediately to avoid causing some unnecessary safety risks. In addition, the fuel must be tested according to relevant standards when entering the fuel to avoid safety accidents and low boiler efficiency caused by unqualified fuel. In the process of commissioning, we must pay attention to the oil gas ratio of the boiler, which is related to the safe operation of the boiler and the economy of combustion. There is a damper regulator on the burner, in general, clockwise adjustment damper becomes larger, counterclockwise adjustment damper becomes smaller; The size of damper adjustment is mainly based on the boiler ignition moment from the chimney mouth out of the black smoke size, but not less than the minimum air volume. At the same time, fuel pressure is also a key index in the regulation process. When the pressure is adjusted to the pressure required by the boiler, the boiler will be adjusted to the optimal combustion state from the two aspects of damper regulation and fuel pressure regulation according to the smoke exhaust situation. In the process of adjustment, the pressure control can be determined according to the steam pressure required. The pressure controller is a boiler according to the boiler running steam pressure inside the drum to determine the size of the boiler fire operation, reasonable and effective adjustment of the value of the three pressure controllers for the safe and effective operation of the boiler plays a vital role.
3.Customs inspection
Boiler belongs to special equipment, the state has clear provisions must be registered with the relevant verification departments for the record;It can be put into use only after being verified and qualified by the inspection and verification department.
After commissioning the boiler, it will enter the operation stage after passing the test. At this stage, users can record some key parameters according to the actual operation of the system, so as to evaluate the ratio of the design efficiency of the boiler to the actual operating efficiency. At the same time, the stability and safety of boiler operation can be confirmed according to the changes of various parameters. The main parameters are: oil pressure, smoke temperature, starting times, running time, the effective operation of the safety accessories. In the process of operation, the reliable operation of the three major safety accessories of the boiler must be checked every day. At the same time, all test instruments must be regularly sent for inspection. Please ensure the accuracy and authenticity of each recorded parameter.
In the process of boiler operation, observe its operation state at any time and maintain it according to the operating parameters of the boiler. For example, check the combustion system regularly and determine whether the nozzle needs to be replaced according to the pressure gauge. The daily maintenance will directly affect the operating life and energy high efficiency oil fired boilers.
In conclusion, it is reasonable and wise to evaluate its efficient and economic operation only on the premise of ensuring its safe and reliable operation. No matter from the installation, commissioning, operation, or the inspection of accessories and instruments, records of relevant parameters, unit energy consumption assessment, only all the links are well closed, to ensure the normal operation of high efficiency oil fired boilers.