Gas Fired Steam Boiler Application

In some colder places in winter, gas steam boilers are installed for heating, and the steam provided by the gas steam boilers is recycled through the pipes in the room.
The gas fired steam boiler adopts the combustion machine under-position mode, the two-pass structure, the fuel combustion is sufficient, the boiler runs stably and takes up less space, and the smoke pipe is inserted with the spoiler to slow the smoke exhausting speed, increase the heat exchange amount, and the boiler thermal efficiency is high and usage fee is lower.
Gas steam boiler maintenance method:
1.Dry maintenance. After the boiler is shut down, the boiler water is drained, and the internal dirt is completely removed and rinsed. Dry in a microwave oven (not to use a large fire), then install a block of quicklime 10-30 mm in diameter and place it in the drum without contacting the quicklime with the metal. The weight of the quicklime is calculated by 8 kg per cubic meter of the drum volume. Then all the hand-hole pipe valves are closed and checked every three months. If the lime is broken into powder, it needs to be replaced. The quicklime disc should be taken out when the boiler is re-run.
2.Wet maintenance. After the furnace is shut down, the boiler water is released, the internal dirt is completely removed, rinsed, and the treated water is re-injected to full capacity. Heat the boiler water to 100 ℃, let the water out of the furnace, and then close all valves. Note that wet maintenance is not required in cold climates to prevent the furnace water from freezing and damaging the furnace.