Energy saving measures for hospital boilers

At present, the health system of each country advocates to create a truly economical hospital. Therefore, in such a situation, actively adopting an energy-saving way to minimize the loss of medical costs and reduce waste has become the current one of the major topics of constant concern in every city hospital.
In the coal-fired boiler of the hospital, the carbon content of the slag itself should be weakened, and the stratified combustion technology can be used, that is, the raw coal is sieved in advance through the stratification device at the inlet, so that the large particles falling onto the grate directly, the small particles and powder are sent to the pre-furnace briquette device to be made into a coal-like shaped coal block, which is then sent to the grate and used to improve the permeability of the coal seam itself, and enhance combustion. On the other hand, it is necessary to realize the rigor of the boiler system itself, the boiler slag removal system to achieve the water seal, and to block the blast and the air intake system as well as the furnace wall and the flue gas, etc. It can achieve the efficiency of the boiler itself. Thereby realizing the main goal of energy saving.
The energy-saving of central air-conditioning is also a very important aspect of boiler energy-saving. It can promote the direct burial of hot water pipes, so that the investment and operating costs of the foundation can be used. Compared with the laying of trenches, not only has reasonable land use, but also Easy to construct and reduce investment in engineering.
Only when we actively strengthen the energy conservation and management of hospitals can we truly improve the concept of energy conservation. According to the current situation of the hospital itself, we can select some energy-saving methods that are really suitable for hospitals to use, that is, to maximize the cost of medical care. Save money, thereby reducing the patient's medical burden and enabling them to perform relevant services for the current society.