Efficient and Convenient Horizontal Steam Boiler

Horizontal steam boilers refer to horizontally designed steam boilers, which are classified into horizontal electric steam boilers, horizontal fuel steam boilers and horizontal coal-fired steam boilers according to fuel. It is suitable for public baths, schools, hospitals, restaurants, food processing plants and chemical processing plants, with functions such as disinfection, drying, cooking and heating. In addition, the horizontal steam boiler is very energy-saving because of its long flue gas flow, slow smoke exhaustion and high thermal efficiency.
The horizontal steam boiler adopts new refractory material, has no preheating load, high thermal efficiency and stable pressure, and it can produce high quality steam in a short time. It has low noise during combustion, low fuel consumption, low smoke emission, no pollution, and complete combustion, thus saving fuel costs and improving economy. It is an environmentally-friendly energy-saving product. The horizontal steam boiler adopts automatic micro-computer control system, the boiler runs automatically, and has complete functions, which can set accurate time, start time and stop time. It also has a self-diagnosis function. When an abnormal phenomenon occurs in the boiler operation, the water supply and combustion are automatically interrupted, and an audible and visual alarm is issued. Such a boiler is safe, reliable, easy to operate, and easy to repair. The design is meticulous, the material selection is strict, and it is made with high technology, which has the best anti-corrosion, durability and sturdiness.
The horizontal steam boiler has large water capacity, high thermal efficiency, fast steam production, sufficient steam and long service life. It is equipped with high-quality brand-name burners and supercharged feed pumps. It has sufficient combustion, timely water supply and low noise. The boiler protection device is complete, the burner can be equipped with a high-temperature post-purge device, which is safe and reliable. It is equipped with multiple safety devices such as high-quality safety valve, pressure regulator, low water level and overheat protection to ensure the safe operation of the boiler. In terms of appearance, the horizontal steam boiler has a compact structure, a small footprint, elegant shape and bright color.
The boiler is a thermal energy equipment with high temperature and high pressure. It is one of the special equipments and is widely used in institutions, business enterprises and various industries. Because it is a dangerous and special equipment, it must obtain an environmental assessment report from the local Environmental Protection Agency before installation. Before the operation of the boiler, detailed safety operation procedures and corresponding management systems shall be formulated and strictly implemented during the operation.