Condensing hot water boiler

The condensing hot water boiler preheats the cold water by absorbing the high temperature flue gas, and uses the ordinary gas water heater as the heat exhausted by the exhaust gas, and the thermal efficiency is increased by more than 15%. It has a higher thermal efficiency than traditional gas-fired water heaters, reaching more than 96%. At the same time, the neutralizing agent is used to treat the discharged condensed water harmlessly, realizing energy saving and environmental protection.

During the working process of the condensing hot water boiler, when the temperature of the flue gas is cooled to a certain temperature, the water vapor in the flue gas begins to condense and precipitate. Since the condensate is acidic, it must be neutralized before it is discharged. The following principles should be considered when designing and installing an acid condensate treatment discharge unit: It should  convenient for users to disassemble, clean and overhaul; It collects all the condensed water generated during condensation heat transfer; Neutralizers ensure effective neutralization of acidic condensate, preferably for long-term use over the life of the water heater; Since the condensate drain pipe is provided, it is necessary to ensure that the flue gas does not escape from the condensate pipe when the flue gas outlet is blocked.

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