Boilers for Chemical industry

The chemical plant production process has three characteristics in terms of thermal energy utilization: First, a large amount of different quality steam is required to provide heat and as a raw material for production; Secondly, a large amount of driving power is required to compress the gas and pump the fluid; The third is that there is a large amount of production process heat for recovering heating feed water and generating steam, wherein the compressed gas consumes a lot of work. The chemical plant needs to have a steam power system that is closely matched to the production process and adapted to the production needs, that is, the steam system. The process heat required for production and the steam used as the raw material are supplied, and steam is supplied to each of the steam turbines to generate a power drive pump.
Steam boilers are important equipment for the production of chemicals. The steam produced by them is an indispensable source of heat and power for petrochemical enterprises. Many types of chemical plant-specific boilers manufactured by Happiness Boiler are highly automated and can supply constant pressure steam. The steam in the chemical plant is mainly from the boiler of the self-supplied power plant or the central heating station of the park, and the second is from the waste heat recovery system or the waste gas incineration system. With the country's new "Air Pollution Emission Standards", all coal-fired boilers of 10t/h or less that are owned by each factory will be cancelled and replaced by district heating and long-distance heat pipes. Therefore, the concentration of low-nitrogen and near-zero emissions will be concentrated. Heating will create a trend towards clean energy.
Happiness Energy Equipment Co., Ltd. is an enterprise specializing in the production of Class A boilers, pressure vessels and thermal equipment approved by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine. The company occupied an important position in the chemical industry boiler manufacturers.